My name is Neeraj Varma.  I live in Calgary, Canada and my main occupation is as a business consultant for local businesses.  I am married and have three adult children.

I have been keenly interested in health since I was a teenager and I wanted to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.    I read all the magazines I could get my hands on and lifted weights, trained on the Nautilus machines and ran, swam, did gymnastics and got real strong.  I also explored nutritional supplements, protein supplements, yoga, martial arts and many natural methods of getting strong and healthy.

I never focused enough to get big like Arnold, but I got real educated… and I was pretty healthy for many years as I went through high school and university.  That was nice.

After university, I still worked out, but a lot less than before.  Within a few years I had stopped working out and developed a nice “beer belly”.  I never really drank that much beer, but my belly was definitely there.

I started selling businesses, then bought one for myself and got real busy with business.  I stopped working out.  Broke all the rules of being healthy and got to the point where if I walked 50 feet (the length of our front yard) I would break into a sweat and started panting for breath.  Bad.

I had moved in with my parents for short period, so my mother made me some traditional Indian health food supplements that are normally given to women after giving birth.  In order to get healthy again, I had started walking in the evenings.  Within two months, I was walking several miles and feeling great again.

Then I got married, started having kids and got busy with my business again.  We bought a house near the gym at the university so I cold go and work out, but that never happened.  The kids started growing and I started aging.  Not much fun.

But I learned something.

When my first daughter was a baby, she got sick.  I had grown up on Homeopathy, practiced informally by my parents and natural remedies that my mother made.  I think I had been to a doctor twice in my life and the treatment was not successful.  Although I had heard of doctors I really had no experience with them.  When my daughter got sick I tried using my knowledge to make my daughter healthier.  It didn’t work.  So, my wife’s wise words were “do you think we should go to a doctor?”  I was shocked!  That thought had never even crossed my mind!  So, of course, I said yes and we went to a doctor.  We faithfully took our kids to doctors throughout their babyhood.

When my third child was born, within six months he got sick.  The doctor couldn’t tell us what was wrong, so he sent us to a pediatrician.  The pediatrician did all kinds of tests but found nothing.  So for the next several months we went to another pediatrician then another and another… Finally, the last pediatrician, after doing several tests said he had a cold and nothing more.  By now, my baby was basically on his way out of this world and the doctors didn’t have a solution.

When I found out that all it was, was a cold I decided to take matters into my own hands.  Against the doctors wishes, I started giving my son herbal supplements to strengthen his body and immune system.  Within two weeks he got rid of the cold and started gaining weight.  We went back to the pediatrician all excited about how he was getting better.  The pediatrician was horrified!  He said “no, no, no!  Don’t do that, there could be a reaction!”.  I said, but look, he is getting healthier… you said so yourself!  He didn’t have an answer, but he was definitely not going to support our giving him herbal supplements.

After we got home, my wife and I reviewed our experience with doctors over the past ten to twelve years and came to the conclusion that really, going to the doctor hadn’t been too terribly effective.  From that time on, we have hardly ever gone to a doctor.

I had been exploring Ayurveda so that helped a lot.  I took several courses in Ayurveda, natural health, yoga, tai chi, and lots of other natural health protocols.  I had always been involved in martial arts so all that knowledge and experience helped keep my family healthy.

After I got my family, I had not maintained my own health very well.  I gained lots of weight, my muscles were soooo weak, immune system was not strong and I was desperately out of shape.  So, in the past few years I decided to try to find a way to be fit and healthy despite my busy schedule.

The information on this website is a result of my knowledge, experience and experimentation with many different approaches to health.  I believe doctors offer a valid option, but whenever possible, I try to use natural means to cure disease and be healthy.  If that doesn’t work, I first go to a licensed, traditional Chinese herbal practitioner and if that doesn’t work I go to a doctor.

That’s what I do.  I strongly believe you need to find your own path.  If you keep thinking, feeling and trying different things, you will eventually find the right combination for you… then you will get older, your body will change and you have to start the process all over again.  That’s the nature of life.

I hope you gain information on different ways to be healthy, lose weight and be happy from the information presented on this site.

I will be the primary author on this site, but I am open to having others write articles to be published here.  If you have expertise or experience you want to share, let me know and I could write an article or I could publish your article, with full credit to you.  Let me know through the contact form on this site.

Wishing you the best!

Neeraj Varma.