Fundamental Principles For Losing Weight

Always Keep These Principles Of Success In Mind When You Are Trying To Lose Weight!

This Is What You Need To Do To Get The Most Out Of Your Diet, Exercise And Supplements.

Remember These Principles:

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How To Choose The Best Weight Loss Supplements

1.  NO ONE has the right answer for you except YOU.  Take responsibility for your health (ancient Chinese healing principle)… Don’t think anyone else knows more about what your experience is than you.  There are plenty of people out there who have a financial interest in dis-empowering you.  It is impossible for anyone to know your experience other than you, so stay in charge of your health.  Trust others, work with others, but be in touch with your experience and make decisions.

2.  Use your head. Trust you judgement.  Research until you feel satisfied that you can make a good decision.  You don’t have to have all the information before you start, but make sure you know enough to be going in the right direction.

3.  Follow your feelings.  Listen to people, do your research… but do what you FEEL you should do.

4.  Learn from your experiences.  Don’t force yourself to do things that you FEEL are are not good for you.  It’s OK if you make mistakes.  That’s how you learn.  Try to make small mistakes.  Try not to make big mistakes.  Learn quickly to avoid more mistakes.  Try again.

5.  BE CONFIDENT IN YOURSELF!  Trying to have good health starting from a feeling of uncertainty or lack of self confidence rarely allows you to be successful.  Take small, predictable steps if you have to, in order to gain confidence.  Trick yourself if necessary – act as if you are confident, even if you are not. If your current reality is not good, ignore reality and focus your mind on how great it would be to achieve the result you want and take a small step in the right direction.  Whatever you do, do it with confidence.  YOU will find what works for you if you try different things, learn from the experience and try again.  We are CONFIDENT the programs suggested on this website will help you shorten your search!

6.  There is NO RIGHT ANSWER!  Sometimes your body (and mind) will need one type of diet, exercise and supplements and other times it will need something completely different.  Go back to the previous 5 principles to get this one to work. 

7.  A combination of approaches is likely the best way to lose fat and keep it off permanently.  At some point you will find a combination of approaches that works for you.  It’s almost impossible to find one thing that achieves all your goals at all times.  So look for a combination that you can count on.  It may be a program suggested by an expert or it might be a combination of several different programs that you have customized for your needs.  Don’t be afraid to buy several courses, pills or exercise programs until you find YOUR solution.  

8.  Know that the needs of your body will change as you age.  Listen to what your body is saying.  Respond to what your body currently needs to be healthy, and keep the excess body fat off permanently.

9.  Ideal body weight and great health go hand in hand.  Go for both at the same time.  You are more likely to succeed at losing fat if your body is healthy overall.  Short-term fat loss at the expense of your health is not worth it because the lack of health could become deeply ingrained in your body.  This will make it more difficult to lose weight.  If you try to force yourself to lose weight without improving your health at the same time, your health could get worse and you may not lose fat either.  Your health has to be good if you are going to lose weight and keep it off.