Diet Plans

Healthy Diet Plans – For Permanent Weight Loss 

We recommend you start with step 1.  Remember The Basic Principles!  The downloadable report has some important information that will make your diet more successful.  

List Of Recommended Healthy Diet Plans

Venus Factor

healthy diet plans

healthy diet plans

Gabriel Method

Paleo Recipes

Some people think that healthy diet plans take more time to get real fat loss than one of the extreme diets.  This is partially true.  If you haven’t wrecked your body already with extreme diets, it is possible that an extreme dieting regime will get you some quick results.  On the other hand, you are likely to gain back the weight quickly too. 

If you have been doing extreme starvation dieting you may have to spend some time getting healthy first, before you can lose weight. 

Whether you have good health or not, it is a good idea to include breathing exercises and stretching exercises to help you lose weight faster. 

If you have a medical condition, of course, you should consult a doctor.  However, for most reasonably healthy people it doesn’t take long to get healthy enough to start losing weight once you are on one of the  healthy diet plans. 

Some of these are diets, others are a combination of diet and exercise.  

To get the most out of your diet plan add some quick exercises for weight loss, especially the deep breathing exercises.   This is in keeping with principle no. 7.

Learn from each diet you try.  Feel free to combine what you learn and develop a custom program that suits you.  Listen to your body – change and adapt as your body’s needs change due to lifestyle, circumstances, health condition and age.  



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