Gabriel Method – Lose Weight Without Dieting

Gabriel Method – How To Lose Weight Without Dieting

how to lose weight without dieting

How To Lose Weight Without Dieting


Most “experts” don’t know how to lose weight without dieting or exercise.  The whole idea runs against the way they have been trained. But, they are the first to admit that people need to get their head on straight in order to be successful in losing weight.

The Gabriel method taps into our mind to lose weight.

This is how to lose weight without dieting.  It’s a little known secret in the world of personal trainers and fitness experts, but thousands of people have had success with it.

If you have tried exercising and diets but have been unsuccessful, then the Gabriel method is probably what you need. 

In fact, everyone needs this knowledge to eliminate the mental obstacles that are keeping them fat.  Once you have conquered whatever is holding you back subconsciously, you will lose weight quickly.  You will know how to lose weight without dieting.  

How To Lose Weight Without Dieting

  • Approved by doctors
  • Approved by holistic practitioners
  • Used by movie stars
  • This is NOT a diet plan
  • It’s NOT about exercising endlessly to lose weight
  • Nobody is trying to sell you a gym membership here
  • We don’t want you to use drugs to lose fat (ever!)
  • It’s NOT about having someone control your life with meal plans
  • You CAN use this in addition to other weight loss plans where people can gain back the weight after they stop the program.  This will help you keep the weight off.
  • Personal genetics are unimportant in losing weight 
  • You can lose weight by eating as much as you want of anything you crave!
  • “I didn’t lose weight quickly at first. I lost it slowly. About 44 pounds over the first 6 months – that’s not much for someone who weighed over 400 pounds.   But then, something amazing began to happen. Instead of slowing down, I started to lose weight faster…”
  • “It was the exact opposite of a diet. With dieting you lose weight quickly in the beginning and then slower and slower ‘til eventually you stop losing weight altogether. You are then dieting, not to lose weight but simply to stop yourself from gaining weight.   And that’s one of the worst feelings in the world because you know that sooner or later you’re going to binge, go off your diet and then gain all the weight back. That’s yo-yo dieting. It’s heartbreaking and it happens every time you try to force yourself to lose weight.”
  • “But that didn’t happen to me this time. I wasn’t forcing myself to lose weight, my body wanted to lose weight and I lost it faster and faster. Remarkably, my body shows almost no signs of having being overweight – a fact that baffles some professionals in the medical community.”
  • “And the best part? When the weight was REALLY flying off I never denied myself anything. I ate whatever I wanted.”
  • “And now, 7 years later, I am still happy, thin and healthy. I weigh precisely 183 pounds and it’s now easy to stay at this weight. My body simply can’t stand any extra weight on it. My body now wants to be thin.”