Best Exercise For Weight Loss

Best Exercise For Weight Loss – Exercises That Really Work In Just A Few Minutes A Day!

Imagine looking great and feeling good without having to spend hours and hours at the gym!  That’s what people are actually achieving with quick, high intensity workouts. High intensity.  That’s the secret.  You have to be able to really put in the effort for a few minutes every day and your metabolism will melt away the fat all day long. In fact, your body will burn the fat all day and all night for at least a couple of days after a good high intensity workout.

best exercise for weight loss

best exercise for weight loss

In addition to exercises, if you add deep breathing exercises and stretching exercises, you will find that you have the energy and “feel good” all day long.  Keep in mind we recommend you do Step 1 before you get involved in any diet or exercise program. 

Burpees – Not Very Fancy, But Definitely Effective:

Some people say this is the best exercise for weight loss. This is a good ten minute workout. If you add a couple of minutes of deep breathing exercises in the beginning and a some stretching exercises at the end you will lose fat very quickly.

Quick Sweat Cardio Exercises – Good Foundation For Any Workout Program:

If an eleven minute burpee workout isn’t enough, try these exercises. This set of high intensity exercises will get your metabolism moving in the right direction! Any one of these can be on the list for the best exercise for weight loss, but the combination gives you a good exercise routine you can do every day. Start off working out three days a week, but aim to do this every day. It’s not too much after you get used to it.