Ancient Breathing Exercise To Lose Weight Fast!

A Quick 5 Minute Breathing Exercise In The Morning Helps To Lose Weight Fast!

Breathing exercise to lose weight?  Ancient Yoga practitioners have several ways to lose weight fast.  For best results you should combine all of them together into one program.  That includes Yoga exercises, pranayam (breathing exercise) and cleansing routines.

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5 Minute Breathing Exercise In The Morning On An Empty Stomach


If you want to lose weight by investing as little time and effort as possible, you can focus on just the Kapal Bhati breathing exercise.  You’ll get some results quickly.  (You may find that you’ll need to add a few more diet and exercise elements to achieve your fitness goals).

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If you want to do more, it is highly recommended you do all seven breathing exercises in the morning.  It will take about 20 minutes.

How To Use The Kapal Bhati Breathing Exercise To Lose Weight In Just 5 Minutes A Day

Benefits of Kapalbhati

The Kapalbhati breathing exercise is described in ancient Yoga texts as the cure-all remedy available to mankind that works by harmonizing all bodily functions.

When Kapalbhati breathing exercise is done correctly, people have reported benefits in the following areas:  worked well towards cure and better management of obesity, allergic problems, asthma, sinusitis, snoring, gastric problems, cirrhosis of liver, hepatitis, diabetes, prostate problems, uterus lumps, tremors of all kind, high blood pressure, higher triglycerides, all cancers and AIDS.


Pranayama (breathing exercise) should be done on empty stomach. Having a gap of 5 hours after a full meal is advised. For this reason, Best time for pranayama is early morning after freshening up.

pregnant women should avoid Kapalbhati. Those suffering from heart disease, general weakness or high blood pressure should do Kapalbhati at an easy and slow pace. Same goes for women going through menstruation period.

How Much Kapalbhati Should You Do?
Recommended duration for kapalbhati is 2 minutes to 5 minutes.
1 Minute of kapalbhati is enough to start with. Beginners should aim to do 60 repetitions of kapalbhati every minute. A small break after 30 repetitions of kapalbhati followed by another 30 repetitions is advised.
Increase these times gradually to reach total of 5-10 Minutes of kapalbhati. Never exceed your limitations and take a break as soon as you feel tired or light-headed.

How To Do Kapalbhat Breathing Exercise

  • Sit comfortably but erect; either in Sukhasana or Padmasana. If either of these is not possible; you might use a chair with straight back. Either way, keep your back straight and eyes closed.
  • Exhale forcefully through nose. You should feel your abdominal muscles contract and pull in.
  • Without any delay and effort, let your lungs expand and fill in with air naturally.
  • Exhale forcefully as earlier.
  • Repeat this cycle upto 30 times at the rate of one cycle every second.
  • Take a small break and repeat 30 times again.
  • Gradually, increase the repeatitions and frequency. After some expreience, kapalbhati at a frequency of 90 cycles per minute upto 10 minutes is done easily.

Here is a video demonstrating Kapal Bhati breathing exercise, by Baba Ramdev

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