Stretching Exercises To Lose Weight

Stretching Exercises Can Help You Lose Weight

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Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar)

You wouldn’t believe how hard I had to work to find this video.  I was shocked to find so many ways to do the Sun Salutation stretching exercises incorrectly.  Even this video is not quite perfect.  The breathing instructions are slightly off.  When performed precisely and correctly, the Sun Salutation is a very effective stretching exercise to strengthen and tone all the major muscle groups in your body.  If you use proper breathing and do 12 repetitions every day this may be the only exercise you need to stay healthy and keep your weight under control. 

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Why Stretching Exercises Can Help You Lose Weight

The following is part of an article by Evamarie Pilipuf Stretching Exercises can help “break the back” of a large appetite:  Appetite, as no doubt you’re aware, is a complex animal.  There is no one factor responsible for what we crave and what enables us to curtail certain food choices.  Which is why no one action, pill, burst of knowledge, situation, etc. is going to have an absolute effect one way or the other.  But we can certainly take steps to swing the pendulum further from the “Uncontrollable” end of the appetite spectrum, and closer to the “Very Manageable” end.  One way to do this is to take a few minutes to unwind and stretch shortly before a meal, such as dinner.  This accomplishes three things:  Number one, it slows you down.  Studies show that when we’re keyed up and in a hurry, we eat faster, which means we’re likely to have eaten more than we might have liked by the end of the meal.  So slowing down helps to thwart that effect.  Secondly, it relieves stress, allowing you to release emotions and tension that might have fueled certain food or eating choices, paving the way for you to opt for healthier, more nourishing foods instead.  Thirdly, it helps to attune you to your senses, which will help you to eat more mindfully and derive better enjoyment from your meal — the taste of the food, texture of the food, fragrance, etc.  Eating mindfully is one sure way to eat less, because you’re much more satisfied on less!

Desk Yoga Stretching Exercises

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