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There are many popular weight loss supplements that are designed to force the body to lose fat that it doesn’t want to.  In my way of thinking, if you force yourself, or your body to do something it will create imbalances in the mind or body.  Imbalances create poor health either right away or down the road.  Even if science hasn’t figured it out yet, I won’t promote supplements on this website that I think will throw your body out of balance – Neeraj Varma. 

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You won’t find a lot of the popular supplements on this website but the ones I do recommend, in my opinion, will provide good results AND make you healthy.  It is possible to create the conditions in your body so it will naturally respond in a positive way, a healthy way… You will lose fat as a result of being healthy… NOT because you are playing chemical tricks with your body trying to get it to target fat and fat alone regardless of what happens to the rest of the body.

Important:  There are a lot of weight loss supplements out there that can really mess you up.  It is also possible to take healthy supplements the wrong way, and that can mess you up too. 

We’ll show you some that are safe and show you how to use them properly, to an extent. We recommend you always use supplements under the supervision of a qualified physician or natural health practitioner… not all physicians and naturopaths are qualified to manage supplements.  We will try to guide you in this area as well.

U|se supplements wisely.  Follow the Basic Principles for success in losing weight.  Use mild supplements first then move to stronger ones based on your experience… Start with Step 1.  Try Step 2.  Read the free downloadable report.

The Real Purpose Of Weight Loss Supplements

People are always looking for a short-cut.  They don’t want to make an effort to lose weight.  All the successfully marketed supplements talk about how easy it is to lose weight without managing your diet or exercising… because this is what people want to hear.  As you may have guessed, these claims aren’t entirely true.

The real purpose of weight loss supplements is to supplement your diet and exercise program.

Diet and exercise can give you “general” good health.  In the process of getting healthy, you “may” lose weight.  Many people have tried to lose weight with just diet and exercise and “failed”.

Over time we develop inefficiencies in our body.  Sometimes there are “bottlenecks” in our nervous system that block the “flow of energy” through our body.  Other times, various tissues and organs can store toxins.  Our body may decide to “grow around” the problem areas caused by “energy blockages” and “stored impurities”… so our body “gets used to” being in an imperfect state… it’s all very complicated… but the point is:  we end up with an imperfect body where diet and exercise are not enough to lose weight. 

Supplements can help get our body healthy enough to the point where diet and exercise can be effective.

List Of Best Weight Loss Supplements

This section will show you many different types of weight loss supplements.  Some of them may not be strictly meant for weight loss, but can have a powerful effect on making the body healthy… which can make a real difference in how successful you are in losing weight.  A healthy body will shed excess weight naturally, without a lot of effort.

Remember to Prepare Your Body For Supplements!

Depending on the situation, you may need supplements to stimulate the body to “let go” of the fat it is so desperately trying to keep (the Gabriel method can help too).  

Garcinia Cambogia

Yacon Syrup

Pure Green Coffee Bean


Potentially Harmful Supplements

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What Non-Stimulant Supplements Would Be Best for Fat Loss?

Fat loss is a common concern among people, and while possible through pure determination and hard work, many are interested in shortcuts. Supplements offer exactly that to those with the means and desires to explore them.

Some may consider them a cheat, but the fact is that everyone’s body is different in terms of how they store fat. It may be easy to reach ideal fat levels naturally for certain individuals, while difficult for others. It’s in our interest to understand why this may be the case.

There are genetic components that influence a person’s fat levels, some of which are predetermined. Environmental factors also exist and might include the types of foods that are available for consumption.

Another interesting fact is that the human brain actively will tweak a person’s metabolic rate in an effort to maintain a constant body fat level. The brain does this by monitoring fat levels through leptin, a hormone that fat cells release.

Supplements can help people overcome some of these barriers and achieve fat reduction. Fat loss supplements include the following categories:

  • Stimulants: drugs that increase the activity of the sympathetic nervous system.[3] Common supplements include caffeine and ephedra.
  • Lipotropics: compounds that help break down body fat during metabolism.
  • Thermogenics: increase body temperature and therefore metabolism. These supplements lead to more fat burned and possibly a depressed appetite.[2] Many stimulants are also thermogenics, but by definition, thermogenics are not necessarily stimulants. This category should be explored with some caution because of this.
  • Appetite Suppressants: provide ways to trick the body into not feeling hungry. This will cause one to eat less and forcing fat to burn as an energy substitute.
  • Hormone Manipulation: some supplements offer means to help naturally regulate testosterone and estrogen hormones. This is important because high levels of estrogen may increase fat storage, while testosterone does the opposite and also promotes muscle gain.